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Dealing with my fussy baby

When I had the girls I found that daily life was quite easy because they were calm and chilled out kids to begin with. Tazkia was a little fussy but always the same time during the day and always for a short period of time. I just thought it was colic but I didn’t know enough about it and before I realised it the “colic” was over. So when Yameen was born, I thought that caring for him was going to be a breeze too, its one child for Pete’s sake, so i thought that this wasnt going to be hard or stressful, but I was wrong. It started on Sunday evening; Yameen literally cried the entire night and eventually fell asleep from exhaustion. Then it happened again the next day, around lunch time, and the following day and so on. I was at my wits end, I didn’t know what to do and I had no idea how to make him happy again.

I then did what any responsible mom would do… I googled it and of course I got a lot of tips and tricks but I have to say though that you know your child best. Your child will be accustomed to the way you smell and feel and love. Your baby is going to seek that comfort from you and you will start to understand the different cries and moans and mannerisms. So you will do the best for your baby so no matter how many tips and tricks you get from all these different sources, you will know what to do when it comes to your baby. Anyway, i will go through the list and tick all the things that i have done to make him comfortable and happy.

Baby monitor checklist:

  1. Is he wet and should his nappy be changed?
  2. Is he fed and when was his last feed?
  3. Has he pooped for the day and when was the last time he pooped?
  4. Is he tired and when last did he sleep and for how long?
  5. Check if his clothes is possibly irritating him
  6. Is he washed and moisturized (he has baby eczema and the dry skin makes him itchy and irritable)
  7. Check his gums and rub some teething gel on them (he is at the beginning stages of teething)

Right so I go through the checklist and almost all the time it’s one of the above issues and when I have ticked all the items from the checklist and Yameen is still crying (sometimes hysterically) then it’s probably his tummy and more specifically gas! There are a few steps that I go through to try and ease the cramps.

  1. I give him some telament drops, I like this because it’s a fast and effective colic relief
  2. I have a bottle with gripe water and Reuterina drops in it ready for him and often he will poop after I have given him some water
  3. I will massage his tummy by using my thumbs and moving in a circular motion, or I will take his legs and move it in  bicycle motions
  4. I will hold him close to me and lay him over my tummy and on his tummy, I don’t know but I think this puts a little bit on pressure on his tummy and warms it, I did this by chance and it seemed to have worked.
  5. If all else fails, I dope him with a little bit of pain medicine.


Sometimes Yameen will be over stimulated and that can be torture on a little person of 4 months old. There will be times especially when the girls are home, and they are shouting and the TV is on and YouTube is playing, and the girls are laughing and running around and playing and it’s all just too much for him. When this happens, I will take him with all this comforts whether it’s his dummy, Mr. Giraffe (his favourite toy to fall asleep with) or a blanket and go to my room, close the door, turn down the lights, turn off all the devices in the room and just sit with him. He will usually dig his face into the nook of my arm and boob and fall asleep. I think he feels some comfort in the quiet and tranquilly that I create when he is over stimulated.

Let me know how to deal with your fussy baby by leaving a comment below.

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  1. What you did sounds good. I think I did the same, gripe water and a massage. Walking up and down and singing helped too 🙂

    • Yes I try anything that I can think so, shame im sure it cant be nice to feel uncomfortable and not being able to say anything, but cry

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