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Dealing with cradle cap

When Yameen was around 2 months old I discovered that he had these patchy yellow like scales all over his scalp. I had recognized it as cradle cap because my eldest daughter Zia also had it when she was a baby. Anyway, this was around the same time his baby eczema started. He didn’t seem all too bothered with it at the beginning and the paediatrician said that it won’t affect him in any way. She also said that the cradle cap would be gone by month six, that there wasn’t really a cure but to keep it moisturized with some type of oil and to wash his hair daily. She said that it will look worse than it actually was.

However, he started getting super irritable the more these scale like rashes appeared on his scalp, face and ears. He would scratch his poor head open and he would rub the back of his head against the pillow or bed and he was super restless at night. I would imagine the amount of bother he was feeling, because he wasn’t a very happy baby. But like I said the eczema played a big role in the itchiness and restlessness.

So I decided to deal with it, and help him with relieving his discomfort as much as I could and hoped for the best. I started researching on Google how to treat cradle cap and with the best and most natural remedy is in terms of treatment.

She was right though there isn’t much you can do. I bought olive oil and the Purity Pedia Kids Cradle Cap Cream and I would regularly apply it to his face, head and behind his ears. Basically anywhere that I saw he had cradle cap. Purity Pedia Kids Cradle Cap Cream contains a blend of Lavender, Almond, Calendula, Jojoba and Vitamin E to help soften the thick crusty scales of cradle cap and soothe the itchiness. I checked if the cradle cap that he had was moisturized and soft (fifteen minutes is recommended to keep the oil on your baby’s scalp) and then I would take a fine tooth comb and gently brush out the scales. The more I applied this treatment the less irritated he was and I kept at it until it was completely gone which was around five months.

Here are some treatment tips for you to consider:

  • Apply any natural oils like almond, coconut oil or olive oil to the skin. Olive oil was my choice of oil to use
  • Do not at any time pick at the scales or scratch off the scales with your nails, gross! This causes infections
  • Massage your baby’s scalp gently, this promotes circulation and also helps soften and remove the scales
  • Use a gentle baby shampoo to remove scales/cradle cap
  • Be consistent when applying and treating your baby’s cradle cap, it might seem like a no brainer but if I just skipped a couple of hours of applying the oil and cream, his head would be covered in scales which in turn would be uncomfortable and it almost felt like I had to start over each time. The more consistent you are the less you would have to deal with it. The happier your baby will be.

If you have any recommendations for cradle cap, and what worked for your baby’s cradle cap, please comment below.

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