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Dealing with a child who has frequent nightmares

Captured by Eben Photography

Captured by Eben Photography


This issue is even tougher than the issue we are having with Zia who happens to be a sensitive child, the issue is that Tazkia is having nightmares at night and she either cries for me or literally runs from her bed to mine wanting to sleep in our bed. She is scared even during the day, saying that she is scared of monsters. We’ve placed two night lights in their room, cut down on screen time and I’ve even started buying them educational toys and stationery to get their minds off wanting to be on YouTube so much. I’ve done some research and the main cause of fear of the dark and monsters and having nightmares is something that they saw on TV or YouTube just before bedtime and then dream about what they might have seen. Tazkia could explain to me what she dreamt about, which involved a “monster” hurting mommies, and how she felt when she was scared by associating fear with her heart beating very fast. She would not go back to sleep and said that closing her eyes made her see things differently (her words not mine) I sit up literally for hours with her because she is so scared to go back to sleep for fear of having a nightmare again. I can’t help but think that maybe this is how she is dealing with us having another baby in a few weeks’ time. Shame I really feel for her.

Some tips for dealing with child nightmares are:

  1. Be patient and sympathetic
  2. Always try to listen even if you are extremely tired (in my case 35 weeks pregnant and super uncomfortable and exhausted)
  3. Let your child talk it out – ask your child about the nightmare and what you can possibly do to ease his or her mind
  4. Reassure him or her that monsters are not real and that he or she is safe at home and that you have done everything in your power to put safety measures in place at night i.e. alarms, beams, burglar bars, night spot light etc.)
  5. Give lots of hugs and kisses
  6. Put a calm routine in place at least an hour before bedtime i.e. no screen time, take a bath, read a book or play some soft calming music, put on a humidifier with some lavender essential oils, say a prayer (this is a MUST), anything really that will help your child feel safe
  7. Declutter and organise your child’s room, a clean and organised room can help clear his or her head, a cluttered room can make your child see things and feel overwhelmed


If you have any tips that could help ease my baby’s little heart and mind, please let me know by replying below.


Cheers x A


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