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My mom have always said that when she was young and then when she became a wife and mom, she had to cook for hours on end with three or four different dishes at a time, especially on Sundays and at family gatherings. I can understand why she would have to, she was 1 of 13 children and she was the cook (every child had a specific chore). It shows because she is an amazing cook. You can ask anyone who knows her, they will tell you Ma Marie’s food is fabulous.

I, on the other hand, cannot stand even an hour behind a stove slaving away to make a meal… no sir. I prefer to bake most of the food items in an oven, whether its fish or chicken, hot chips etc and there is almost always a salad (in summer) or veggies (in winter). I even prefer to make a dish that can be baked in the oven like pasta or baked veggies and fish or a homemade pizza. I’d like to think it’s a healthier method of cooking too. I have to say though I’m not as great a cook as my mom, but I do try in my own way.

Love I&J fish packs, the light crispy fish packs are quite nice. Love Woolworths chicken burgers and schnitzels, and Love Country Fair’s chicken schnitzels with the sauce inside. So quick and easy to prepare because there is virtually no preparation.

I find that when I get home from work, things can get rather chaotic with the girls, who demand your attention, or they want to have their bottle, and they want to drink it while you sitting by them, or they just want you to play with them a little before they go to bed. I don’t mind that at all, which is why baking my dishes are so much easier for me, a lot more simpler and a lot less stressful. It also gives me time to cuddle up with my girls and watch Dr Seuss’s Lorax with them.

Although I have to say, when we not having lunch at the in-laws on Sundays. I roast some chicken (in the oven lol) or make a nice curry, something different from the ordinary. Luckily I have a husband that loves my cooking and that isn’t fussy about cooking methods at all.

What is your preferable cooking method? And If you know of any pre packed meals that you think I should try out, let me know please by commenting below

Thanks for reading xAx

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