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Friday Thanks

Friday Thanks: My Prayer for you

Friday Thanks: My Prayer for you ✽«̊͡♡̊͡»̊͡∕ ••May Allah be with you at every step you take, ✽«̊͡♡̊͡»̊͡∕ ••May Allah guide you in each decision you make, ✽«̊͡♡̊͡»̊͡∕ ••May Allah help you when life gets rough, ✽«̊͡♡̊͡»̊͡∕ ••May Allah Bless you with more than enough, ✽«̊͡♡̊͡»̊͡∕ ••May Allah protect you when you fall, ✽«̊͡♡̊͡»̊͡∕ ••May Allah hear you when you call, ✽«̊͡♡̊͡»̊͡∕ ••May Allah soothe your heart when you don’t understand, ✽«̊͡♡̊͡»̊͡∕ ••May you always

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Price Tags

Friday Thanks: Price tags   In society, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In Islam, beauty lies in the heart of the believer. Allah is so wise, He never created friends and family with price tags. If He did, I would never be able to afford people as valuable, special and important as you. In Allah’s eyes, love is never absent. In Allah’s heart, forgiveness is never impossible. In my duahs and in

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Friday Thanks: The Almighty’s Care

Friday Thanks: The Almighty’s Care There is not a weakness that اللَّهُ  can’t fill, not a sickness that He cannot heal, not a sorrow that He doesn’t share, moment by moment you are under His care! May اللَّهُ  guide us to the straight path an give us light, wisdom, understanding, sincerity an truthfulness. May اللَّهُ  bless You & Your Family and may He turn all your noble thoughts and desires into reality and endow you

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Friday thanks – Thoughts

What we think goes into our hearts, comes out from our mouth, shows our actions, shapes character & determines our destiny. Our thoughts can make or break us.. So, let’s start this beautiful day of Jumuah with good thoughts & intentions asking اللَّه تَعَالَى to grant us the willpower to better our thoughts and inspire us to have better characters Inshallah. May your day be filled with Barakah, may the Rahmah of اللَّه تَعَالَى descend

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Friday thanks – Belief

My dad sends the most awesome messages on a Friday, and i have no idea who wrote this. As i said i got this in a message on my phone but thought i’d share the love…. Life is like a book with many pages & chapters. Some tell of tragedy, others of triumph. Some are dull & ordinary, others intensely exciting.The key to success in life is to NEVER stop on a difficult page, NEVER

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