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Squat challenge feedback: Day 15

Squat challenge feedback: Day 15 Day 9: Added Hip Hop abs into the challenge, and I love it so much because you having a lot of fun while exercising Day 10: Did some lunges and crunches as well to work on my tummy area, definitely felt sore in my tummy Day 11: Did some more lunges and crunches, got inspired Miss Fit Rush Tush, she instagramed a picture of herself tanning on the roof

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Squat challenge feedback: Day 8

Squat challenge feedback: Day 8 I read a great blog post about the benefits of doing a squat challenge which I thought was really insightful and everyone should read it. You can read the post by clicking here One thing I have noticed is that even though the rest day is there for a purpose and is necessary, when I return to the challenge I get the feeling like I have to start from

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Squat challenge feedback: day 3

Squat challenge feedback: Day 3 I prefer doing the squats in the morning before I head to the shower. Day 1: was easy, didn’t feel much and thought that it hadn’t worked Day 2: ok so now we talking, really felt sore in my thighs Day 3: kicked my ass … literally, my thighs and butt feels like jelly Tomorrow is rest day…. Feeling great; loving it.

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30 day Squat Challenge

I am a bit hesitant and scared to do this but I am going on holiday with my family in just about a month’s time, and I think I should do something about this little bit of nuisance called cellulite and flab. So I have decided to take up this challenge. As the days go by I will report on my progress and feelings (because I am sure I will have a lot to say

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