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C- Section Postpartum Basket

I knew that having a C-section was going to painful and highly inconvenient, and like all pregnant women, I would spend hours stalking mommy blogs and YouTube vlogs for the best and most convenient methods of doing certain things like, birth stories, what’s in my hospital bag, recovery and so on, and then I came across postpartum recovery baskets. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any SA mommy blogs posting about any postpartum recovery baskets or kits, I could only find from overseas blogs and that’s not the best thing because let’s face it you can’t find any of the items that they recommend in SA. So, I decided to do my own recovery basket. The nice thing about these baskets is that 1) you can cart is wherever you are in your home, in fact there is nothing that stops you from having one of these baskets in every room and 2) it literally is everything you that will need to make life a little easier for you after you have had major surgery or had popped out a human. I would highly recommend this because it is so easy to have near you and it’s especially great for first time dads that have no clue what is required or needed. I think it’s also necessary to have one of these baskets because the worst thing when you find yourself finally comfortable in a chair or bed, and you forget something in the bedroom or kitchen and you have to get up to get it and with having a painful cut for the first few weeks of your baby’s life and trying to care for him or her and then still having to worry about forgetting something is so annoying. Anyway, I’ve packed a little basket that holds the following essentials that I used in my recovery period:

  • Pain killers (I finished the strong stuff the hospital gave me and only had Comprals available at the time, but anything painkillers will do)
  • A water bottle
  • Snacks (High in fibre is probably best, any person that went through the birth process will tell you about your bowl movements after)
  • Nursing pads and nipple cream (I used a few brands, but buy the products that suits your needs)
  • Heated beans bag or an ice pack, depending on what is needed (I have the Happy Hugger brand)
  • Carriwell tummy binder (there are so many out there, shop around and find the best suited for you, Carriwell is pretty good)
  • Lip balm (I have the Nuxe Reve De Miel, lovely fragrance and it moisturizes your lips and makes it to soft and juicy, yes I used the word juicy ha ha, its true)
  • Hand sanitizer or wipes
  • Eucerine Aquaphor or Elizabeth Arden skin protectant (either one is good and works)
  • Phone, laptop and charger (not in pictures)
  • Nursing pillow on hand (not in pictures)

And yes I used an actual basket; I received some beautiful flowers in it while  I was in hospital but thought it was ideal for a postpartum basket, so I was rather cuffed with it. Let me know if you had an essentials basket available for you when baby was born and what I can possibly add to this basket.

Until next time x

  1. OMW! I love anything to do with birth and also had lotsa comfort items i put together myself for use during and after birth.!! #BirthJunkie

    • Me too, i’m obsessed with reading anything mommy related. And these baskets are just easy and convenient cos its right by you, everything you need is at your fingertips.

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