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Book Review: The Jellyfish Jiggle by local author Kayla Diamond

We are at the point in our lives where routines are key. To ensure that the kids are following a routine daily for my sanity but also to stimulate the kids and teach them some valuable life lessons, as best as we can. One part of our routine is reading to the kids every night. At least half an hour before bedtime, we stop screen time. The kids really enjoy bedtime reading because I like to make it fun and my actions and impressions are quite aminated. Since receiving the book The Jellyfish Jiggle, the kids have had me reading the book every night.

The story follows Jules, a young jellyfish who doesn’t quite move the same as all the other jellyfish she knows. She gets discouraged by her differences, loses her lack of self-esteem and finds herself in a sad self-critical bubble. This is, until she meets a very funky and confident Octopus named OctoRockto. Who teaches her the most important life-lesson she could receive – the ways of self-love and acceptance. Jules and OctoRockto make a great team and share some pretty awesome tips for being proud of exactly who you are, not changing for any one and making all of your quirkiness and differences totally normal.

Yameen loves the animation and my story telling, but this book is more appealing to the older two. This book has a really strong message to children who otherwise don’t fit in to the norm. That’s its okay to be different. Accepting yourself and loving all parts of yourself will make others accept you as well. The illustrations are really cute and colourful, drawing you in.

Tazkia also really likes reading on her own. This books makes reading fun. Especially when she gets to the part “Jules waved to the left, and waved to the right and jiggled 1,2,3”. Don’t let me spoil it for you, you have to read the book for yourself.

Zia loves having me read to her, she loves that we get to spend this few minutes together, reading and communicating. The kids gets to ask questions, sometimes it gets heated or awkward but most times we speak about the book. They ask questions about the characters and about the story line. They ask questions about all sorts of things. This part I really love. Having the bonding time with my kids and stimulating their minds.

Written by South African local, Kayla Diamond. Who is an author, teacher, kids supporter and mentor, has dedicated her professional career and life to helping future generations of children through inspiring stories that kids (and adults) can relate to.

South African pre-orders are available at here

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