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Baby Development: Yameen is 3 months old

I’m a bit late in doing this because Yameen’s is almost 4 month old again but I figured it would be awesome to check on his development later on, when he is older and I have forgotten everything that’s happened in his first year of his life. It’s been an awesome three months so far, and it also feels like 2017 went far too quickly, when I looked again he was born and now three months on he is growing and developing and becoming the cutest little man ever.


Okay so let’s see what Yameen has been up to:

Intellectual skills

  • Follows moving objects
  • Recognizes us, his family – it’s like he knows that we are always around and that we are the familiar faces in his life
  • Recognises toys – for instance he associates a toy that looks like a giraffe with sleeping
  • Notices toys that makes sounds

Social Skills

  • Smiles and laughs with people
  • Generally happy but can be fussy when he is hungry or tired
  • Makes sounds when people talks to him

Language skills

  • Recognises his own name – he would turn to your direction if you call his name
  • Babbles when someone talks to him

Fine motor skills

  • Brings hand to mouth
  • Early hand to eye coordination
  • Touches toys that is left on his tummy

Gross motor skills

  • He raises his head and upper chest when he is on his tummy, we put him on his tummy now and then so that he can get some practice but not for too long because he would moan
  • Loves to kick and move his hands when he is in the bath splashing water everywhere ad you can just see that he enjoys himself


  • Loves the water – he is always happy to lay in a bath and move his arms and kicks his little legs
  • Loves Mr. Giraffe – it’s a cute little toy that he would fall asleep with, I don’t know I like to think that it gives him some comfort

If you a mom with a 3 month old, please do leave a comment below telling me all about your little one.

Until next time.

  1. Awww love you guys twinning. I can’t believe that Hudson is 10 months already! I can’t even remember what he was like at 3 months old 😱I have to go back to his photo albums to see what he was up to. Even though I wish I could keep him this little m, I do enjoy seeing him grow and reaching milestones. He gives THE BEST right hugs and that’s something his Dad said he couldn’t wait for when we brought him home. Enjoy this time Momma, and give your cutie lots of cuddles🤗

    • i can only imagine how lekker those hugs are. I cant wait either thanks hun xx

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