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A Recap of 2019

Hey guys, it’s been a while, and as the year of 2019 have come to an end a new era and decade is starting. What a year its been!

Let’s recap shall we?

My fitness journey

My year started off with a fitness plan. I was determined to lose weight because I was at the heaviest I’ve ever been and I had enough. The first thing I did was that I increased my exercise routine and started dancing again after a long time of not being active. I was on my heaviest and i hated how i looked. I know hate is so heavy to be feeling about one’s body. But its true. Everything about my body was negative and made me feel so bad about myself. So, I started eating better and making healthier food choices. I think what initially aided my weight loss was fasting the month of Ramadaan and then continued with intermittent fasting. I saw results but not quick enough and then kinda picked some up again because I got despondent because I wasn’t seeing results.

So, the year went by and I was just in limbo with the same weight everyday until my sister started losing weight. She lost 10kgs and 50 days and I’m so proud of her, she looks bloody good man. So, I decided to try her method and wow I dropped a dress size.

I started off with 84 kgs and I’m now 79.2 kgs. My sister’s method is simple… are you ready? … no potatoes, no pasta, no bread (my fav), no rice so no carbs. There are many other options of food to eat that is nutritious so if you want to see results then don’t eat these four items of food and here’s the kicker and most important … stay clear from sugar. That’s it, if you consistently eat foods that does not contain any of the above then you WILL lose weight. Chicken salad is a staple. And to switch it up I will have fish and veg. I don’t eat red meat often but do like a chop now and then so I often keep those for braai days.

I workout three times a week. Walks on the beach is a great way to stay active in summer. I love to dance and follow the Fitness Marshall on YouTube. The dance routines are not hard and you break a sweat easily. You can follow me on Instagram to check my progress and dance moves.

It’s a process, this losing weight business and I’m not trying to race anyone to do better or be better so however long it will take to get to my goal weight, is the time frame I’m going to take. I’m excited for the next year of progress.

I cut my hair 

Yip, i needed a change and i couldnt stand the dry split ends any longer. So, i went to my tried and true hairdresser, Rania from BlueLemon Hair & Beauty She is brilliant and a life saver. I had my hair cut a lot shorter this time and I feel lighter and my hair is more manageable now. I do miss my long hair though but we’ll see. She has saved my hair from disastrous cuts in the past. I’m so grateful for her. You can get them on Instagram too.


This year was a year for growth for me in my workplace. We worked hard as an HR team and I’m so proud. Although through many tears and hours of stress and craziness, we got through the year just fine. However, a lot of changes will happen in 2020.

Kip McGrath

Zia had to go to extra classes for English and we enrolled her at Kip McGrath, and that really helped with her confidence and overall English. She will continue in 2020.

10 Years of Marriage

We had our 10 year wedding anniversary. It was amazing. A day of relaxation, eating and fun. We had a lot of ups and downs these past 10 years but I’m excited to see what the next 10 will hold Insha Allah.

The girls passed

Thank Goodness, I’m so happy that the girls passed and are progressing to Grade 2. Some awesome things happening in the new year. Bring it on.

A scare 

We had just started our holiday when we arrived home from work on the last day to find Yameen lights out on my bed with rashes all over his body and his breathing was heavy. Seeing him in that state literally broke my heart. We rushed him to hospital where the doctor immediately administered an adrenaline injection. This injection opens his airway to help him breathe. Then a nebulizer was applied to aid his breathing. I stayed with him as we admitted him into hospital. I was a wreck hey. The feeling was  helplessness and dread was too much to bare. We ended up staying at the hospital for the weekend.

He was tested for allergies and came back positive for highly allergic to peanuts (any and all) and egg. He was prescribed an Epipen which we will now have to keep on us at all times and Allergex for any minor reactions. The Epipen is only used when his breathing is altered.

Any family and friends reading this, please ask me prior to giving Yameen any type of foods, and if you are going to invite my family to your home or parties, please refrain from having any peanuts on the table or in an open place where Yameen can reach for it. I know i don’t want to be THAT mom but i also don’t want my kid to suffer a possible fatal allergic reaction at your home. Rather safe than sorry.

I’m thinking about right now is how I can progress and grow as a person. I’m thinking about goals that I want to achieve this year. Thinking about what I can do to be successful. I want to to work on my health this year in order to be healthy for my children because I still want to be around for them. Self care is important. Being healthy, eating healthy is important. Thinking about the home projects that is about to go down.

2019 has been a great year.

Do you want to read about my new year goals? Do you want to me post about them? Comment below

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