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30 day Squat Challenge

I am a bit hesitant and scared to do this but I am going on holiday with my family in just about a month’s time, and I think I should do something about this little bit of nuisance called cellulite and flab. So I have decided to take up this challenge. As the days go by I will report on my progress and feelings (because I am sure I will have a lot to say about it). You most welcome to join me in this journey.

Bring it

Bring it

Let’s do this….

  1. I wanna do it with you please when are you starting

  2. Dedication and motivation ๐Ÿ™‚

    Squat with a girl on each arm … ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Good Luck!

  4. I started my squats….my first day wasn’t so bad…day 2 ..omw! My thighs are so sore….my legs feels like jelly…but I’m not giving up…lol…

  5. I’m feeling nothing.only while I’m doing it I feel something. I’m no my third day… Am I doing it wrong. I usually work out. Could that be why I’m not feeling after effects so much.

    • U squeezing and tucking in, do u have weights to add to pressure. Keep going doll.

    • Push yourself harder until you cannot handle it anymore … Push push push

      • Hi just read ur response to ur squats…I also workout…u should actually be feeling it especially when doing the sqauts and the afta effects is in ur thighs and abdomin…u should actually be a able to feel that muscle..but no worries it gets better….”Motivated”Thanx to moms journal we can all feel good this summer….:):)

      • Day 9:)100 squats:OMW!my thighs I can’t lift it….so sore…like really sweating it out…shoo!After I read your blog this morning..I feel even more” motivated “can’t wait to see the end result…I know we still got a long road ahead..:)Thanx!

        • This is so awesome. Motivated.

          • Day11:)110 squats…the more squats I have to do..the more I’m feeling the pain…”Motivated”:)

          • Your motivation motivates me ๐Ÿ™‚ great stuff

          • Day 12:) was rest day….yipee…Day 13:)130 squats..Wow! I don’t know if it was because it was rest day yesterday when I came to 100 I had to do a few leg exercises before I could make it to 130…was very hectic for me today…”Not giving up”…:)

          • I know the feeling although i didnt feel quite motivated today.

          • Yes I felt the same today..didn’t feel that oomph..but I thought to myself I have to do this and I don’t have a choice and I have to give long as we motivate each other we can do this ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I agree fully even though i didn’t feel like doing it, I’m committed to this challenge. Thats why i do it in the morning when I’m most fresh and have more energy.

          • Day 14:)135 squats…My heart is beating so fast,sweaty and my legs are wobbly..not easy.but.”All good”

          • Great stuff x

          • Day15:)140 squats and a few hip hop crunches..enjoying the hip hop especially when my son decide to listen to bruno mars…lol….was much better today…:)the hotter the days the more u feel u need to do that xtra…my ab crunches I do at the gym…so I’m with u babes…..”Motivated”

          • Hi…I havnt been updating my squats the few days…but I’m still doing it …I’m with u all the way…:)yesterday was 160 squats and today was rest day…getting much better….I can actually do a 100 with no rest in between,but can feel the pain…but it seems like my body is getting use to it now…Xoxo

          • That is awesome because your body is a lot more tougher and used to it. Im also getting stronger and keeping at it. Keep going x

          • Day 21:) 180 squats…I thought to myself…shoo how I’m I gonna do it….but when I started wasn’t so bad…:)

          • Well done, mine also done and dusted phew

          • Day22:)185 squats…felt like I couldn’t wait for it to end…hectic man…”Motivated”not giving up…..:)

        • Great stuff x

          • Day10:)105 squats! All I can say is “yorr”my thighs…crying out loud…

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  7. I started three days ago, all the best babe!!

  8. Day 1 for me: I photographed my before picture. I want to see the results before my eyes. If I don’t see a difference by the end, I won’t continue this in the future. But if I see results, I’m going to squat for the rest of my life! I learned in the past that when you stand after a squat, you should go up onto your tippie toes and squeeze your butt to see the best results. That is what I’m doing. We’ll see!

    • Good luck! I loved this challenge because i saw results after a months. So i believe this challenge is worth doing. Definitely see for yourself, looking forward to reading your feedback.

  9. I thought I am the only crazy health freak and then I saw this post. Has anyone tried running? I am mad about it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I’ve seen this challenge pop up here and there on facebook, but I’ve never heard anyone report back on its success. I imagine the designated number of squats has to be done all at once, but if it weren’t considered cheating, I’d totally split that shiz up.
    1 squat to refill paper tray in the copier at work. 2 squats before I grab the dish detergent under counter. 4 squats to load the dryer. 5 squats before filling the cat dish. 6 squats before settling on the toilet. 1 long, unbearable, hovering squat over a public toilet.
    487 random squats to pick up all the crap my children left on the floor.
    I’m going to look AMAZING!
    I’ll be watching for your progress, as best I can. I’m a sporadic blogger at best, but wishing I’m you well!

    • Oh really then im really glad i was able to give feedback then. Hope it was useful to you????. Yes designated squats in one go per day but im sure splitting it up
      Shouldnt be a problem. Whatever works for you. Good luck.

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