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MOTG: Catching birds not feelings

Life lately,

So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve done one of these posts. Life has had its ups and downs lately, more so that there’s been medical issues with each and every one of my family members, including myself.


Medical issues – After Zia had her stint with mumps, Tazkia then got it. I don’t think that she had it as bad as Zia but she was home for about four days and I’m holding my breath hoping that Yameen doesn’t get it. Can you imagine the amount of crying that would go with that stint of mumps? I don’t know how much I’d be able to handle. He hasn’t gotten it yet. (Touch wood)

Ramadan – we are in the final eight days of fasting. I always feel a little sad knowing that it will come to an end for the year. Ramadan makes one feel emotional, spiritual and overall humbled. This is the time to pray and reflect and ask for forgiveness. It’s also the time when you are tested the most spiritually. Where your children will test you. For instance, the moment the call to prayer starts, the girls will be loud or start fighting. There is never peace in the house just for that moment. I’ve had to put a quiet time rule while eating, just so that the girls can be less loud and more appreciative. It doesn’t always work, and we are not the type of parents that will make our kids keep quiet, we try to promote communication. However, it doesn’t always end up that way, it ends up being a shouting match. How can you be humbled when there is so much chaos?

I went to a party last Saturday and I met a fellow mommy whose kid is in Tazkia’s class, and we were talking about the age at which kids should start fasting. I was the first one to say that the girls don’t fast yet, they are six years old and I feel that fasting whole day for a six year old is too much. Also I feel like seven years old is a good age to start however I won’t force the girls to fast even at seven if they don’t want to. I don’t have a problem with kids that fast at such a young age. I just won’t force my kids to fast at that age. Everything has its place and time.

My dad – on the 10.06.2018 is the fourth year that we don’t have my dad with us. Time has really flown and feels like just the other day when he passed on. I miss him a lot especially around this time. I also remember how heartbroken I was too around this time four years ago. It does get easier, but you never forget.


Shopping for Eid clothes – Shu the malls are chaotic right now, and you can see it’s filled with people trying to get their Eid clothing sorted. I went last week and luckily it went smoothly. I got the girls outfits at Cotton On and Yameen’s outfit at Woolworths. I’m always the mom that either go find clothing last minute or I can never find the girls sizes. Unfortunately if you going to the typical stores at a mall you are not going to find anything nice or every second child will have the exact same outfit that your child has on Eid day. But also who has time to stalk local exclusive and pricey online stores. Not me, I have to buy for three kids, and I normally dress them the same, so it’s two of everything for the girls and now Yameen is also in the mix. Eid shopping is a pricey affair in my home. Zahir and I normally just find something in the cupboard to wear.

Splendid Ink online store – yes it’s still operating and I have new stock coming, which is digital and downloadable. I’m super excited but find that I have to do everything myself. I have no clue what to do when it comes to web designing so I’m struggling a bit. I thought I’d have it up and running by now but unfortunately it’s taking a long time. I know you asking but Abieda why don’t you just hire a web designer to do it for you… because 1) its expensive and 2) I’m broke – is there anyone out there willing to help? Lol only positive vibes. I do also know that nothing is free and I had someone that was willing to work with me (obviously paid work) but that didn’t work out. People catch way too much feelings especially in the Ramadan but my kids catch birds instead.  I will get this going if it’s the last thing I do….

A little sneak peak at what you can expect

That’s all for now folks…

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