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What its really like to have twins

“Abieda, what it’s like to have twins? I can imagine it must be crazy, or hectic”. I get this question a lot with this response accompanied all in the same breathe. And the answer is yes is it crazy and hectic, but it’s also special because they are special and so unique. So I thought to tell you once and for all what it’s like to have twins.

So different – the girls look completely different, Zia has long, straight black hair, is dark of complexion and has an athletic body shape, she is fierce and sensitive all at the same time, she is shy and mostly keeps to herself. Whereas Tazkia has light, wavy brown hair, fair of complexion, petite and a complete chatterbox, she literally is the life of any party, she is always friendly and sings all day, even when you don’t want her to. Whenever anyone sees them, their first comment will always be that they look so different or the comment will be about the colour of their skin.

Two for one deal – we clearly hit the jackpot with a two for one deal. We figured we would only have two kids, and so when we found out we were expecting two babies, we were completely surprised but so excited. You know I secretly knew I’d have twins (okay more like wished). When I was I teenager, I would frequently dream about having twins, it was always girls and always twins. I guess what you put out into the world it can happen that it’s what you get.

Having twins is very hard – because everything must be done at the same time. When they were babies they had the same feeding routine, the same sleep routine, bath time routine you get the drift I had to pay double for everything including clothes and now with school and extra mural activities it can get super expensive but you also get double the milestones, double the photo opportunities and double the fun.

We are late for everything, all events, school, work etc. – because my household is always chaotic, and either one of the girls will always be difficult, “I need to stretch first mommy” or “ I need to pee” or “mommmy, can I get a hug” anything that they can do to not get done.

They fight over everything – and I mean everything and the funny part of it all is that I buy them the same things always, maybe in a different colour but always the same thing. Granted they play together every day, they happy to play pretend housie-housie or create forts. Sometimes their play time turns out a disaster with either one of them fighting or refusing to play or having a complete melt down.

They dress the same – and you might be asking why in heavens name would I be dressing my twins the same when they have their own identities and personalities etc. etc. The simple answer is that it’s cheaper and a lot less hassle. When they are old enough to fight me on it, they can dress differently. Right now though, they aren’t and I can get away with dressing them the same. I think my time is running out though.

Having twins is my normal – Before Yameen was born, I got accustomed to having the girls around and because I had two babies at once, it was my normal, I didn’t know any better. I didn’t know what it felt like to have one child. Everything I had learnt as a new mom was with two babies in mind, my trials and errors were with two babies. With that being said, we quickly established a routine with them, so it was easier to manage two babies. Also I had amazing support with the parents, nanny and husband. It was important to have my husband be a present father. He fed, burped, and changed nappies alongside myself.

The older they get the easier it is to parent them – because they are able to do things for themselves (well most of the time) they can massage my feet lol and they do the bloody good job and we are able to create an amazing relationship with them.

It’s not so uncommon to have twins anymore – really every other friend or family member has them, or worse, triplets lol – because they don’t want to be outdone lol jokes. I know having more than one child (or even one child) is a lot to manage. Parenting in general is hard and I salute all moms and dads out there, doing it and making the best of all parenting situations.

If you have twins or triplets or more kids, let me know how you manage mom life, and everything else. I’m sure other moms can relate and learn from it.

Until next time.

  1. Abieda, how gorgeous are these girls?!

  2. They are beautiful and YOU are a super mom who deserves a crown!

    • thanks my friend, means a lot to me, plus I learnt from the best!!!

  3. thanks for this post. its refreshing to hear that twins really do fight about everything (i mean everything)i have two sets two yrs apart and its chaos and loud all the time…but when they not around i miss them….the irony of being a mom…

    • Ahh thanks hun i’m so glad that i’m not alone.

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