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Baby Development: Yameen is 7 months old

Yameen has really grown in the seven months since his birth. Times has really flown, he’s half way to his first birthday. He is growing stronger and more alert by the day. Gosh he invites anyone in with his smile. He always smiles when he wakes up, he is never is a bad mood. I love that he is so friendly and doesn’t cry easily when family and friends wants to pick him up. However I read that stranger anxiety is a thing and will normally happen at around this age.

So this is what I’ve discovered so far:
1.) The gums are itching like a mofo and the coil, oh man there is coil everywhere and his T-shirt’s are always soiled and have to be changed regularly. There are two bumps at the bottom gums where the two teeth are pushing through. He is a true champ though, not much crying although can be fussy from time to time. I’ve been giving him teething biscuits from Clicks that really helps with the itchy gums. He loves the biscuits and cries when I take it from him.

2.) The moment I put him down on a flat surface he turns himself over, he has mastered rolling over onto his back and then back to his stomach, he pushes himself forward trying to crawl and he gets better at it every day. He is a lot more comfortable on his tummy now and tries to ‘crawl’ by literally moving around like a worm. He sits on his own, but not for long, he throws himself back and that can be dangerous so we don’t leave him alone on the floor. When on his tummy he shifts himself up on his hands and feet (almost like a plank position) but also not for long. He easily holds and grabs objects now and of course it goes straight to his mouth. So I’m happy with his progress.

3.) Facial recognition is good, he knows me well and follows me around with his eyes, or if I move out of sight he literally turns himself over to look at me. If I motion for him to come to me, he will extend his upper body and arms forward and try to grab me. I feel like he is at the beginning stages of separation anxiety because he cries when he knows I’m in the house but not in eye shot of him. He is interacting more and more as the days go by. He ‘talks’ to you and responds as if he has just understood what you’ve said to him. I find him to be more vocal about things that makes him sad and laughs the best laughs when he is happy. I love how he makes the cutest sounds with his mouth and shouts when excited.

4.) His started on solids about three weeks ago, he absolutely loves butternut and sweet potato, the other flavour we’ve tried is pumpkin although he doesn’t like that flavour as much. He also eats baby cereal in the mornings that he also loves. I’ve started giving him other snacks like bread, yoghurt, custard, flings and it’s safe to say he loves food… all types of foods.

5.) I’m happy to report that his skin is looking better these days but I’m still monitoring it, hoping the eczema flare ups won’t come back. If you want me to do a post about his skin, how I maintain and treat his eczema then please let me know.

6.) His currently on 6-12 months clothing, size 4 nappy and I prefer using Pampers. I have a few cloth nappies to try out, let me know if you are using cloth nappies on your baby and how you find it.

7.) We just went for his 6 months vaccinations and will be going for the next one in two months. It’s never the best experience for baby but he doesn’t remember the pain afterwards which is somewhat reassuring but I feel like I’m better at composing myself with him than with the girls; I used to be a wreck when the girls had to go for their vaccinations.

I think that’s it for now. Comment below with yours baby’s development in case I’ve missed out anything.

photographs by quanita.e_photography

Until next time

  1. My little Abdul Wahhab also has eczema and it is looking good algamdulillah. He itches when his around dust, grass and eats to much of what he should not like mainly sweet things and dairy products. I use Jolly Jumpers diappers ( sold by me ) I have never experienced any rash pr bad reaction and moms with premature babies are loving it. I changr his nappy once at night and then the morning a really great product. Abdul Wahhab is starting to walk now and coil just as much when teeth are coming out. He has about 6 teeth already. What I noticed is that he gets mpre than one at a time. His more daring and busy than my 1st born Abdur-Rahmaan but algamdulillah they both amazing boys in their own way.

    • Masha Allah, how cute. So I think we both experiencing similar things with our little ones. Keep it up mom!

  2. I just love this!
    FTM and will be taking my LG for her first vaccinations nect Thursday – Any advise on how to handle the situation as when she needed blood taken around 1 week I couldnt bare it literally walked out and luckily my mom was there… this time around it will be my husband and I.

    ♡ TA

    • Hi there, gosh seeing your baby in pain is really the worst thing, I think that having your baby taken to a clinic where you know you can trust the nurse with the care of your child is key. We go to Willow mead medical centre in Rondebosch east, the nurse is so gentle, explains to you what she is about to do and she really just makes you and your baby feel as comfortable as possible. Chin up hun, its going to be okay!

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