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2020 (part 1)


Wow! What a year it’s been!

Covid-19 and work

The year started off with lots of possibilities, even though it’s a year that symbolized the start of a new era, it has quickly become a start of a new normal… a deadly virus out to kill us all one by one. Suddenly the world was in lockdown and South Africa. No one really new what to do what themselves. The business is temporarily close and the staff is on layoff. Zahir and I started working from home from March and its December and we are still at home.

I personally love the fact that I get to be home with my kids while working a job that I love. It’s tough working from home, trying to sort out your household, help the kids with homework, make sure their breakfast, make lunch and supper. Get them washed and into bed in one peace all the while making your that my payroll was done in time, and the UIF TERS was submitted. We worked all day, until wee hours of the morning, weekends and public holidays because ultimately the livelihood of hundreds of people is on our shoulders, on my shoulders. The stress is crippling, with sweat, tears and lots of sleepless nights.

The thing is though is that although my kids were with me day and night, I couldn’t dedicate my time to them to help them with their school work so for most of the year, their learning suffered. To the point where I don’t know if one of my kids will be advancing to grade 3. I feel like the amount of work that the school expects of parents is insane. You see, the kids were at home for 3-4 months and we were sent homework to teach the girls. With the amount of work that we got we had to sit with the girls for at least 1.5 hours per subject per day, plus do our own day job and see to the household. We had so much to cover that we felt hopeless.

Plus, we had a teacher that called us in because one of the girls were failing and we had to step it up. Wow! When the girls eventually had the opportunity to actually go into school, the workload didn’t lessen. It just got more and more. So essentially, we became teachers with very little support. I spoke to other moms I’m not making this shit up. All the moms that I spoke to felt the same way. But we knew that our daughter needed help, more than what we were giving her. She attends English classes every Saturday. She also had a support group at the school most days.

In term 4, we sent her to an educational psychologist, we still waiting on feedback as to what could possibly be wrong. I’m dreading the possible outcome. (we have since received her report and it’s not good unfortunately) More about that later.

I apparently also had a COVID-19 scare, but I really don’t think it actually had it. The whole process of getting tested and waiting for the results (which isn’t long but still equally daunting) was an experience. Not knowing or wondering if you have potentially put a bunch of people at risk of contracting the virus because of you if really stressful. Then the thought of having it yourself and what you might potentially go through is nightmarish. My doctor was convinced that I had it but I had no symptoms at all except for a weird shortness of breath for a few days.

My veggie garden/ planter

I started a veggie garden! At the beginning of spring, I suddenly wanted to take up gardening. I’ve realized how relaxing gardening can be. The act of watering the garden. Checking up on the veggie planter every day and literally see how much the plants grow daily. I’ve planted lettuce, coriander, tomatoes, cucumber, arugula and they have grown so beautifully. The tomatoes and cucumber plants have yet to produce. But just the whole process is so relaxing and rewarding.

I have got to say that I’m really not feeling the snails and bugs eating at my lettuce. Its not my vibe. I was told that snails don’t particularly like salt and once the snail is in contact with salt it shrivels up and dries out and dies, Shame. If you have better option for getting rid of snails please comment below. We had so much lettuce that I literally had a salad daily.

The real reward is literally eating my own produce that I grew in my own garden. I also find that the leaves to my plants are dying. My friend gave me advice that I am either watering too much or too little. It’s an on-going process but I’m still thoroughly enjoying it. I bought the planter on Facebook Marketplace and they deliver as well.

Separation anxiety is real

Yes, people it’s real!! And I’m experiencing this with my son. Since lockdown, this boy is attached to my hip. I can be anywhere inside the house and he just shout from somewhere inside the house… “mama, where are you?” My answer is always ‘I’m here my boy” I literally can’t do anything and he is with me. At first his needing of me was cute but I’m finding it a little frustrating. I guess just tired of seeing the same people all the time. And he nags all day, anything he wants is a winey nag. Oh, hell no! Being in a house with the same people drives me crazy. I’ve had to learn to stay calm in the most frustrating times and relaxed when everything around me seems to be falling part.

What I’ve learned about separation anxiety and how I dealt with it:

  • No matter how frustrated I feel, I try to stay calm and give him the attention he needs at the moment of anxiety. Because at the end of the day, his wellbeing it what’s most important. I always think, if I just deal with the situation at that moment, the positive outcome arrives a lot quicker and I can go back to what I was doing whether it’s working or cooking etc. the less frustrated I will feel if he is doing better.
  • I try to help him work through his emotions by telling me what’s wrong. He has this thing where he will shout when the task that he is doing frustrates him. I will ask him to tell me what’s wrong or if he can’t then he needs to point or show me. He also doesn’t want anyone but me to do stuff for him, the others can’t or he will cry shout the entire time until I do what he wanted. I feel like he thinks that if I don’t do what he wants (instead of the others in the family) it could to associated with separation anxiety.
  • I try to tell myself that parenting shouldn’t be this hard. And it too shall pass. If he is particularly naggy and needs me then I just sit and let him be with me. If this COVID-19 lockdown has taught me anything, is that family is the most important thing in my life, and that life is short. The payroll can wait for a few minutes while I see to my son, or the food can be ordered if he needs to sit with me.

I’ve also been selling on from my small business. I sell all sorts of products that I have designed and created for Splendid Ink that I’m super proud of. These are just a few products that I have in store, drop me an email if you want to purchase any of the products.

I sell spice and pantry sets. Each set consists of 40 stickers. I used a list of ingredients that is a staple in any kitchen. These stickers are pre-printed and cannot be customized unfortunately. They are perfect to organize your kitchens with. The colours are soft and can accommodate all colour schemes. However, I am looking into creating others, possible customizable. Let me know if that is something you might be interested in. I am definitely looking to expand my products in 2021 so watch this space.



Part 2 soon!

Until next time



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