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Challenge: 30 days of workouts

Hey everyone,

I really want to focus on my fitness and overall health this year. I was telling my sister that I loved my pregnant body. I felt confident and sexy (yes even with a huge tummy) it was like I wasn’t being judged for what I ate or how I looked. People would comment on my ‘glow’ and I loved that. Now not so much, I feel like a fat blob and that I’m being judged for still not losing my weight 4 months later.

Anyway the point to all of this is that I’m thinking of doing another fitness challenge.  30 days of workouts. The last challenge went very well. A lot of you joined in on the fun the last time and documented it. I completed the squat challenge and saw quite a difference although only in the lower section of my body but nothing was done at the top. I’ve been looking for a challenge that is going to work all the muscles in my body at a time.

I’ve created my own challenge (but first researching the heck out of beginner workouts), and most of the exercises in this challenge, if not all I have done before. The exercises are from beginner to intermediate (if you find this challenge too easy then add another round or two to each workout per day) and you can do them in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for someone wanting to start working out again after a long break. I find they work best if you have a friend to join you, to motivate you and keep you going. Let’s be real though I’m not going to work out over weekends, so I left that out, but if you want to do a light workout or go for a run you are most welcome to do so, this challenge is for 30 days, Monday to Friday.


I start on the 1 of February 2018 and I have managed to get my husband to join me and if you feel you want to join me please do, I will document my progress on my Instagram stories and you can find me here. Tag me on Instagram and Facebook by using the following hashtag #CMJx30daysofworkouts

I’m excited, are you excited? also comment below if you are joining me.

 Until next time x

  1. I’m all in. Just not sure how I’m going to do those push ups. But I’m sure I’ll get there. Let’s do this!

    • Yay! me neither, but we can just do as much as we can but surely we will get stronger daily

      its gona be great!

    • oh also you can do standing push ups, just google it

  2. Eish… So I’m going to try.. I need to do something…
    Push up 😱😱🙈🙈

    Er also my last baby was 3 years ago… Let the judging continue 😭😆

    Will dm u ❤️

    • Oh yes, exciting stuff we are going to have fun, just do as much as you can per day, and keep at it, you will get stronger daily and you will find that you can do more as you go along, we will motivate each other xxx

    • You can also do standing push ups, just google it!

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