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15 Pregnancy facts that other moms don’t tell you about

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Being pregnant is really amazing and just knowing that you growing a baby inside of you is really something incredible but being pregnant can also be tough especially on your body. Unfortunately other moms don’t tell you about the things that will happen to your body, mind and emotions that normally wouldn’t happen. With literally three days left of my pregnancy things are becoming a lot more real now. I’m seriously scared and nervous but so happy, excited and ready to see my beautiful baby boy.

Below are 15 facts about pregnancy that nobody told me about that I thought I would share with you. Now, some of these facts aren’t going to be pretty and some of them are going to be downright TMI. Bear with me; if you have been pregnant before and have had any of these things happened to you too, then you know… you know what I’m talking about.

  • In your first trimester, you will not want to do anything beauty related. Face moisturizer and lip gloss is probably as close to a beauty regimen as you going to get.
  • Your immune system is so low, and because it is so low your body is prone to get some disgusting and weird things happen to it, like rashes, cold sores, fevers and pimples. I got these fine pimples around my mouth and nose area that only my daughter’s eczema creams could take away.
  • Heightened sense of smell, anything that has even the slightest fragrance will either give you a major migraine or make you feel nauseas.
  • Almost immediately when you fall pregnant your skin colour goes darker, your arm pits, under your breast and your nipples, those poor nipples look like chocolate poop with three nipple heads and there is nothing you can do about it and yes, unfortunately your vagina changes colour and shape too and MR will notice.
  • Food will help take the nausea away, so always stay full and eat frequently, you will thank me again.
  • Your second trimester will be 1000 times better than your first, in fact you will feel like a new person with a lot more energy and literally if the nausea stops your mood will be lighter and happier. You will be a lot more pleasant to work and deal with. Your third trimester will be hard but you will feel like you can conquer the world because the end is definitely insight.
  • During the entire pregnancy you will feel like you are menopausal. You will feel like you are having a heatstroke even in winter. Warm jackets and clothing will not be worn.
  • You will feel dehydrated all the time, so always have water with you.
  • Sleep deprivation during pregnancy is a thing. You will not sleep right through the night no matter how early or late you go to bed, and if you suffer from insomnia, girl I feel for you. The maternity period before birth is your best bet to get much needed naps.
  • Okay, so you fart a lot and it won’t be pretty and you will surely get some criticism from the MR. Water under the bridge when the pregnancy is done. Laugh it off.
  • When you cough and or have sneezing fits, you will pee every single time and yes pantyliners are definitely your friends.
  • Getting around especially in the third trimester is hard, your feet will be swollen and your tummy will be in the way most times. By the end of the third trimester you will be a pro at knowing your body aches and pains and how to deal with them.
  • Leg cramps is a thing and it is so sore, the best thing to do is just wait it out, my 5 year old twins are trained already, if they see me in agony, crying and shouting while holding my leg, they will shout for their father and he will come running, massaging helps. As quick as it arrives it will end.
  • Your hair will look fantastic during pregnancy, thick and glowing but will fall out after pregnancy and there isn’t anything you can do about it. Supplements and healthy eating may help.
  • Lastly, if you have other kids, you are going to feel guilty of changing a big part of their lives, you are going to feel like you need to be nicer to them but you not always going to get it right which makes you feel even more guilty and then you going to want to over compensate by buying them things and wanting to spend more time with them.

If you have any pregnancy facts that happened to you that aren’t a part of my list then please let me know by commenting.


Have a nice weekend.

  1. I definitely ticked off a few on that list lol funny read because it just took me back to my pregnancy and I actually miss it!

  2. Yeah it makes us think what the heck we got ourselves into, in the end it is all worthit lol

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