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Stand up for Children with Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

When I was asked to be part of this campaign I thought geez, this is a heavy topic to be speaking to my readers about because even though violence is around us every day, we choose to look away and pretend that it doesn’t exists, we pretend it’s not happening to children close to us and around the world and we hope that at some point it would just go away. But no more, this year Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital is standing up for the rights of children, and with our help the hospital is actively driving awareness against the violence that children face every day. By writing this post, I choose to look away no longer.

The Child Protection Office at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital sees an average of 40-50 cases of child abuse every month. That’s approximately 600 cases a year. And in extreme cases of abuse and neglect the children are removed from their homes and relocated to a place of safety. We are also fast approaching the festive season and for many families this time is spent with lots of hugs and happiness, but for some families, this time is filled with consuming a huge amount of alcohol and other intoxicating substances and for some reason these people go bloody mad and hurt their loved ones. The rise in alcohol abuse means the rise in child abuse and neglect.

One of these cases is of:

A 10 year old boy who’s named will not be revealed for safety reasons, who were admitted to the hospital with skull fractures and bleeding on the brain; after he disclosed being physically assaulted by his father. After a social work investigation, a long standing history of domestic violence was reported. The mother attempted on multiple times to leave the abusive relationship but always returned after the father apologized. A police case was opened the father was arrested. Mother and the children were referred for counselling. The patient was discharged back into the care of the mother after the child protection investigation was concluded. The father was granted bail even though the social worker wrote to court to oppose bail. The mother works to support her children. The father has been given specific bail conditions to stay away from the family home and from his wife and children. The mother and children are very fearful. The social workers provide monitoring but have limited resources.


It’s really hard to read these stories and not be affected by the pure brutality and fear and pain these children go through, it’s so heart-breaking.

In many cases these children leave with nothing but the clothes on their back. The Child Protection Office creates Child Protection Packs for the children in situations like these where often these packs are the only belongings that they own. The packs are age – dependant and included are hygiene products, toys and snacks.

This is where we need your help. The festive season usually brings with it a critically shortage in the number of packs the Child Protection Office are able to supply. You can help by donating anything from this list below that will fill the packs. Can you imagine the relief and happiness these children will feel in receiving them?  Your donation can be dropped off at the Child Protection Office. We would so appreciate you donating.

For more information on this campaign and how you can get involved you can go to or if you have any questions you can email me on #RXbloggersforgood

Also, if you know of anyone that is hurting or know of an incident where a child has been hurt, please report the perpetrator. Don’t close your eyes to these incidences, because by not reporting you are just as bad as the one hurting the child.

 “The heart of this campaign is that we want you to allow yourself to be thin-skinned enough to be truly affected by the suffering of children. To not look away.  To not forget.  Because these little survivors need champions.” – Nicole for the Children’s Hospital Trust

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