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A Little Bit of Everything tag

A Little Bit Of Everything Tag

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Do you keep up with the Kardashians?

Yes I do

Do you curse like a sailor when the camera isn’t rolling?

Lol maybe not like a sailor but yes I can throw out a few swear words now and then

What is one thing you do that you hate to admit?

When I’m wrong about something stupid


Do you really brush your teeth in the morning and at night? Be honest.

Definitely in the mornings and sometimes at night (or at least I try to)

What is your go-to drink?

I love dry-lemon (I used to drink dr lemon literally everyday when I was pregnanct)

Is your current hair color your real hair color?

Real hair (I need a change pronto)

If you could swap bodies with someone, who would it be and why?

Gosh I’m inlove with Khloe K’s body transformation, she is just gorgeous

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? If so, what did you think?

Yes I have, I prefer the movies

Do you crack your knuckles?

Yes I do

Have you accidentally text messaged someone something you were supposed to be sending to your special someone?

No never

Have you ever created a fake profile to creep on someone?

Eww no

Which is your weakness- cookies or pastries?

Oooh that’s a tough one – cookies

What do you love about yourself?

Do you have to match your nail polish to your toe nail polish?

I don’t wear nail polish

Tell us a few things about you that people would be surprised to know about you.

Heels or flats?


If you could do anything for one day and money wasn’t an option, how would you spend your day? Dream big.

I would go on a major shopping trip and spend some cash on make-up and clothing and shoes and organisation items, I might just throw in a walk in closet

What was the last YouTube video you watched?

Make up tutorial by Christian Dominique

How To Curl Your Hair So It Lasts All Day

by All dolled up SA

Do you have road rage?

I get highly irritated with drivers that drive crap but I wouldn’t say its road rage

What is your favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll song?

Always by Bon Jovi

Who was your first kiss? Do you still talk to them?

Let me just say I was in standard 6 and no I don’t

If you could have one blogger closet whose would it be?

SA – gosh there’s a few but I would say Ms Paula Bee

But her wardrobe is a bit young for me, I admire her style though

If you could have one YouTuber’s makeup collection, whose would it be?

Oh that’s easy Desi Perkins

Do you have a nickname?

Yeah a couple, my dad used to call me Bidi, then there’s Beads, Bieda

How many cars have you had? What were they?

Just one Toyota Tazz

And now a Polo Vivo (family car)

What’s your favourite pizza?

Masala Steak is delish

If you could only have 1 lipstick for the rest of your life which lipstick would you choose?

I really love anything from Mac – so surprise, surprise Rubywoo

I also really enjoy the Clarins lip perfector

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