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Woman’s Day Event

Hi everyone!

Last week the girls and I were treated to a pamper session at their preschool woman’s day event hosted by their principle Nadia Anderson. There were loads more activities and talks about woman empowerment and safety. Two cute teenaged girls demonstrated a karate session and how this sport can help with defending ourselves in a terribly dangerous situation. There were breakfast, lunch and beverage options up for purchase and because the girls go to a Montessori preschool, all food items were healthy (the school promotes healthy eating always) and a few stalls that had jewellery, fabric nappy items and clothing amongst other items that could be purchased. The girls had manicures and their nails painted while I enjoyed a foot soak and massage. Overall the day ended up a success.


IMG-20170809-WA0034 IMG-20170809-WA0035 IMG-20170809-WA0041



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