Work Clothes

Work Clothes

One thing i love doing while waiting in the car for hubby is looking at what people are wearing as leave their jobs and make their way home. I even rate their outfits, or copy a clothing item. I have to say though that some skirts or dresses are far too short for work attire. I know its hot but some of the dresses are down right inappropriate and unprofessional, others are just plain weird but a lot of the outfits are really cool though, very trendy. Im a black pants and blouse kinda girl.

What length would you say is deemed suitable for work? Do you think mini skirts or dresses are appropriate? Do you wear them to work?

Cheers x


  1. Hi there:)We’ll when I was working my manager an directors always use to stress about dress code..they always use to say any skirt shorter than knee length is unprofessional…which I think its so true…I always think your appearance is so important in work environment and will always have people looking an talking about you…talking of experience….lol…xoxo

  2. I totally agree with my love! I also try my best to read up on fashion, but sometimes think that the fashion has changed tremendously.
    I have also created my own uniform Black pants, black cardi, black skirt, black heels. I have 2 black pants, 2 black skirts (flare 3/4 and 1 straight cut just below my knee) and 1 black straight shift dress. I normally pair these up with 1 or two solid colours, an if I wear all black, I take that oppertunity to brighten up my feet with a stylish, bright or nude heel.

  3. Agreed, I need to add to my wardrobe as well. U looking so great babes

  4. Hi just found your blog. I also did a work wear post. I think you should always be aware that professionally you are always being judged and assumptions are made about you all the time based on how you dress. I have added lots of colour to my wardrobe but the basics will always for me be black bottoms. Skirts are knee length or maxi nothing shorter. Strappy or sleeveless is a no no!

    • Thank you for your response, i agree completely. Unfortunately some companies also don’t put a lot of emphasis on work attire or they aren’t strict enough of corporate enough, which leaves employees to wear what they want thus for all the crazy outfits. X

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