Weddings and dress code

My husband and I are attending a wedding over the long weekend, coming up close of the end of March. We are so super excited because the wedding is in George and we making a long weekend out of it without the kids… Heaven!

My dilemma is that I cannot find a suitable, affordable dress to wear. The wedding isn’t of my religion and so I don’t really know what is appropriate attire for a Christian wedding as I have not attended a Christian wedding before. I know that it has to be appropriate obviously, so any tips on what to look out for and if you saw some great dresses you think I should check out please let me know by commenting below.


  1. Where have you been? Missed your posts.

    One thing I know, Is that people normally say not to wear white as it may be seen as being disrespectful towards the bride. I guess that there’s a good chance that she chose to wear white.

    It may be nice for you and hubby to co-ordinate your outfits. Will make for some pretty pictures.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. Also dont wear black. I suggest something in pretty colour of your choice. But maybe not one that the bride will be having in her retinue. I say a nice fitted 3/4 shift dress, in print or colour 😉 Pair of nude heels maybe cos its still gna be nice… Nude with bright pink… Or even turquoise, diamante ear rings and accesories

  3. Maybe wear a flowy coral dress thats always a nice colour and i think it will suite your skin tone perfectly with your smokey eyes as in your previous post. But thats just my idea… hope you find something though 🙂

  4. I say a skirt and tops. Seeing as we have no idea how the weather will be its easier to dress up a skirt with a long sleeve shirt and stockings if cold or a pretty top if warmer 🙂 Either way you know you will rock it

  5. Hi Abieda, in respnse to your wedding attire dilema, you can check out the clothing at: Foshini, Oasis range for something simple, yet tasteful. Truworths if you’re looking for something frilly and fitted, yet demure. You’re attire selection would depend on the couple. I normally look at the invitation for an idea of what to wear. The invite always tells how fancy the affair will be. I hope this helps. Have fun with your selection..

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