Train story

Hi my lovelies,


I wanted to tell you a story I overheard (yes I was listening in on the conversation, lol) in the train today that left me very uneasy.


This lady was telling her friend that there was an incident with her 13 year old daughter who was stalked by a 19 year old. She said that he started visiting, I’m not sure why or whom, but eventually his interest was her daughter as he gave her a ring. When the mom discovered the ring she told him to take it back and not visit anymore.


That’s when he started stalking the poor child. He kept calling and coming around. With December holidays coming the mom decided to resign from her job so that she can be home full time. They went on holiday for a weekend and when they came back, the neighbour asked whether they were renovating because the window was lying on the outside floor. Turns out he was planning on coming back that night. She said he tried breaking in seven more times.


She started asking family to let her daughter sleep by them over weekends and holidays and upon her return home, the harassment would continue all over again. They called the police who said that, by law they can only arrest him if he actually commits a crime but they went to his mom who said that she wasn’t allowed to go into his room, if she washed his laundry, she would have to leave it in the doorway and he would then take it into his room.. warning signs I’d say! They then proceeded to knock down his door and found all sorts of knives and weapons in his room. They eventually moved from the area…. then the train stopped and I had to get out….


Gosh I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done if it was my child Ya Allah. I do know I wouldn’t be accountable for my actions.

  1. It’s definitely a scarey world we live in. I know we are now in the same boat with raising 2 girls, you’re constantly worried about their whereabouts etc. May Allah protect all our children insha’Allah xx

  2. girl or boy, you still worried sick… My son went to school after being home for a month after his accident and I can hardly focus on my work…

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