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Imagine this scenario: You are a mom and you are on a long flight to another city to meet your husband who’s waiting in anticipation for your arrival. Your flight is pretty ordinary until your baby girl becomes restless. Perhaps she is tired or hungry. Or her ears are blocked and its super uncomfortable. You don’t know because it’s all happening so quickly. She begins to cry and you are panicking because you know this is going to be a longer flight in your mind than it actually is. You wish she would just fall asleep  because the disapproving stares from other passengers wanting to sleep is adding to your stress. The flight attendant comments in an apologetic but stern tone “can you please keep your baby quiet”. You respond with tears in your eyes “I’ve been trying for the past hour, she doesn’t want to stop” ….

Yes, we have all been there at some point in our lives, whether in a car, or shopping mall and in this case an aeroplane. The trauma of being alone with your crying child on a flight is disheartening and scary. Zahir and I have decided that we want to take our children with us on our next big holiday and one of our main concerns are their behaviour on an aeroplane. I think that the girls are at the age where they can understand and adhere to rules. Because you have got to have rules with children. I just want to quickly mention that if you are planning on going on holiday or a business trip. You can find great deals with Travelstart – Cheap Flights. Back to what I was saying, although Yameen will be a whole different story. He won’t understand that he will have to sit still for long periods of time and he won’t understand that his routine will be different to what he is used to.

I don’t think that flying with children have to be stressful, we all know that there is alikelihood that we will be anxious but planning ahead of time plays a major part in getting your children safely to the other side of the world. Travelstart came up with these top tips to help you plan a stress – free trip flying with your children.



I have 5 tips of my own:

1.100% of the time when your child is cranky or losing the plot it’s because of the following reasons:

  • Your child is hungry
  • A tired toddler
  • Gas
  • A soiled and uncomfortable nappy
  • Boredom
  • I’m sure by now you have a mental checklist, go through it to eliminate any of the above, if your child is still crying, then throw your child out of the window. Jokes!   Almost every time, it’s one of those reasons. Make sure that you brought a favourite snack, toy and pacifier.

2. Communicate with your children prior to the flight. Try to make the experience a positive one where the end result is fun and excitement. Say something like “when this flight is over, you get to swim in the clearest and warmest ocean ever”. Make sure there you ask your children if they are okay and happy.

3. Encourage your child to make a friend with another child. Distraction is a good method in keeping your child occupied and what better way than with persons the same age.

4. Try to fly when it’s almost nap time, this way your child can fall asleep at the beginning of the flight and feel refreshed when its wake up time. I heard you can book a bassinet (mind blown) that will help a lot with some organisation and comfort.

5. Try to get the first few seats at the front of the plane, there is more leg room and space for your child to stretch and walk.

And finally this one is for those of you who might come across a despondent mommy trying to comfort a crying baby but does nothing to help her. You need to think about those times when you were in the same position and the way you felt when no one helped you.

Lending a helping hand, could potentially make a tough situation become easier.

By asking the mommy how you can help, will ease her anxiety and show her that there are decent people in this world. In showing compassion, you can bring a little bit of peace, love and support.

If you have any tips you wish to add to mine, please do so by commenting.

Until next time x

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