Story time: I think Yameen saw a ghost

I think Yameen saw a Ghost! Let me set the scene…

It’s 1:30 am when Zahir came to bed. He watched Game of Thrones and when he got to bed, he fell asleep immediately. Just then Yameen woke up. He was moving about in bed (he sleeps with us). Moving from my side of the bed to Zahir’s. It isn’t a big space in between Zahir and I. Just enough for him for move about. He was laying for a few seconds facing me when all of a sudden he shrieked so loudly that it startled me and Zahir. But Zahir just went back to sleep. So I’m awake with him, and everyone else is sleeping, the house is dead quiet.

He kept looking around the room. I spoke to him calmly and told him to come to me. He motioned towards me quickly and didn’t want to put his feet under our blanket or even lay in the middle where he normally does. My main goal was to get him to relax and I have two lamps in my room, one is a bright light lamp and the other a Himalayan salt lamp that is a dimmed light. I switched both lights on but it didn’t do much for his peace of mind. I held him tight and opened the blanket to show him that there was nothing but our bodies under the blanket. He literally cried no, der.. der is all he managed to say. Pointing to the blanket (or under the blanket, or I don’t know he just pointed).

To top this all off, we hear a loud bang coming from the girl’s room, again so loud that this time Zahir jumps up from the bed. A little out of it because clearly he was in a deep sleep, he rushes to the girls room to investigate. Turns out it was reading books that was on Tazkia’s bed (that she didn’t bother to remove when she turned in for the night) that had fallen when she moved about in the bed.

I offered to make him a bottle (or nana as he calls it), he said yes and sat quietly looking around (I woke Zahir up to watch him). I came back to bed after about 5-7 minutes and handed the bottle to him. He drank the bottle quietly and settled down. I turned off the bright light and again he panicked and shouted no .. der der crying and holding onto me tightly.

To say I was freaked out is an understatement.

I picked him up and I walked around the room with him, showing him that all was okay. But he kept his head hidden in my neck and refused to look around. Again I managed to calm him down. I left on the dimmed down lamp. This didn’t help because once again he was panicked and literally laid on top of me refusing to look around. I held him and prayed. Same thing over and over. I switched on the bright light for the final time, and left it on for the rest of the morning… this time he looked around the room and simply said …. GONE!!!

He settled down and fell sleep after about an hour of this shit.

At 5:45 this morning, he woke me up vomiting all over the bed … nice!

I keep thinking what if he is just seeing the shadow of items that the dimmed light had made against the walls and ceilings. Or what if it was a ghost that was in our room. But this kid was seriously panicking and scared. This concerns me because what if this is the start of many, many sleepless nights over and above the sleepless nights I’m already having (selfish I know, but it was rough I tell you). Ramadaan is coming up and that’s going to be a whole different story right? Of course he doesn’t know what he saw. He can’t communicate his feelings yet. It’s enough to make me weary and concerned.

Have you experience anything like this with your toddler or children?

Until next time.

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