Smokey Eyes

Hi all, I have decided that I would learn a new skill a month, and the reason for this is simply because I generally don’t have the time to do things I enjoy anymore. So this is a new challenge for me because 1) it gives me an opportunity to learn a skill or just try something new and 2) it’s something I’m doing for myself away from the normal routine.

And so for the month of January I learnt how to apply a smokey eye.

Make up used: MAC eye shadow palette and the colours used were light bronze, dark bronze and charcoal, Avon eye pencil in black.. I wanted to have the smokey eye effect without using a lot of makeup. It took a bit of practising, and this was the end result. If you know of a way to apply a smokey eye that works for you that you don’t mind sharing with me, please let me know by commenting below.


photo 4

photo 2

photo 3


  1. Love it! Looks beautiful

  2. Love it. Its not so over the top

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