My Lash Lift Experience

For the longest time I’ve wondered what it would be like to have these beautiful curled lashes. I use mascara everyday but my straight lashes just won’t curl. It took me a while but I’ve discovered a cosmetic procedure called a lash lift or perm. Anyway, rewind a couple of months to May where Zahir bought me a Sorbet voucher for mother’s day and I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to try the Lash Lift for the first time. I went in rather nervous because I have super sensitive eyes and don’t like when people, myself included mess around with them. The beauty therapist was very nice and explained the process to me step-by-step which helped ease my mind.

The process:

The whole process takes about +/- one hour.

The therapist asked me to lay on the table and keep my eyes closed the entire time.

Step 1: The therapist applied a soft wet pad on the bottom eyelids. This is to ensure that my bottom lashes are safe from the perm and are tucked away.

Step 2: A sticky pad is placed onto the top eyelids and my lashes are brushed onto the sticky pad.

Step 3: The perm lotion is applied onto the top lashes and I had to wait for about 20 minutes. The lotion was wiped off after said time.

Step 4: My eye lashes were conditioned with a neutralizer. I’ve asked the therapist what the neutralizer was for and she said that it is applied so that the perm lotion doesn’t continue to take effect or stops the perming process. The thought had crossed my mind that she had just placed a lotion to start the perming process and then added another to stop it. I decided to trust that she knew what she was doing and let her continue. I found it to be a bit odd though.

Anyway, I had the lotion on for about 15 minutes. She wiped off the neutralizer. A damp cotton pad was used to gently rub the lashes and disengage the lashes from the sticky pad. The upper sticky pad was then removed.

Step 5: This is the final step where the therapist tinted my lashes. This is done for a bolder effect. I had this dye on for about 15 minutes.

The therapist warned me before the procedure, that my eyes might sting a bit but not for long and it would go away after a while. This wasn’t the case for me. With each step the burning sensation had increased. To the point that when it got to step 5, and I was 5 minutes into the waiting process that I asked to remove the tint.

I complained about the sting quite a bit and she took cold water and cotton wool and rinsed my eyes out. This helped a lot. I felt like the insides of my eyelids (the sensitive bit) was on fire. I feel like it wasn’t quite as relaxing as I thought it would be. I just don’t think my eyes handled the procedure very well.

Here’s the thing though, IT WORKED. I have pretty and curled lashes. It’s quite subtle but if you look at your lashes from an angle you can see the full effect. The therapist works with what you have so if you have short and barely there lashes, you might have to go a few times to get the lashes you desire. I’ve used mascara and its looks even better because your lashes are curled and bold and the mascara adds to that effect even more.


Sorry for the extreme close up of my face.  I just wanted to show you how great my eye lashes look

The experience as a whole wasn’t great. Its the first time that I’ve had this procedure done and I didn’t know whether my eyes were supposed to be on fire the entire time. I didn’t have anything to compare the experience to. The night, while I was in bed, I could feel that the insides of my eyelids were raw and tender.

I also had a realization that I had Lasik surgery a few months back and I didn’t inquire with my doctor about whether I could even do the lash lift in the first place. So I did what I normally do in a panic… I googled it. Most beauty websites said the waiting period is minimum of six months before you can do a lash lift, so please keep that in mind.


Its been weeks since I’ve had the lash lift and i have to say i love the way my eye lashes look especially with mascara. After weeks who washing my face and applying mascara, my eye lashes still looks great. It still has the curl. So it definitely works. 

In this picture I’ve used mascara. I love how my eye lashes looks the combination of lash lift and mascara. This has really transformed my overall look.

Would I do it again? Yes i think i will try it again

Please let me know if you had a lash lift done and what your experience was.

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