Twins 2nd birthday party

Hi peeps,

My beautiful babies had their second birthday party at the beginning of April, and it was a great party. The kids had the most wonderful and fun time. The theme was Dr Suess’s The Lorax. They are so hooked on the movie that it made sense to have the theme the Lorax before they become too old to remember it.

Alot of the planning was done by myself and for some reason there was no store online or instore that sold decor or any other party things so i had to make my own decor and print my own labels and oh boy talk about sugar overload. But enough about the nitty gritty and see for yourself.

2014 April 463


2014 April 5 2014 April 579


2014 April 504

2014 April 536

2014 April 520


2014 April 466

2014 April 471


2014 April 595






  1. Loved the party! Loved the theme! Loved seeing all those kids on a sugar rush, love your girls with all of me.

    Thanks for inviting me too 🙂

  2. Looks like they had a blast as per usual 🙂 And I see the sign came out nice and bright well done! xx Hopefully we will make it to the next gathering 🙁

  3. The girls are too cute man….growing so fast…nice party…we so alike… to go all out for the kids…work our fingers to the bone….:)but love it

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