Happiness is Everything

10 things that makes me happy, whether it’s big or small

  1. Sushi – I love it so much, and if I have gone without it too long, I crave it
  2. Instagram – I love how people can show you a part of their lives in a picture
  3. Taking a bath – relaxing in a bath with bath salts and lit candles is everything
  4. When He makes me breakfast – it doesn’t happen often but when it does…. LOVE
  5. Lunch or Breakfast with Nurjehan and Merryl – my besties and I see far too little of each other, but when we do meet up it feels like the time apart just disappears, luckily there’s group whatsapp
  6. My girls development – watching my girls grow and develop brings such joy to our lives, I really have such clever little monkeys, I just love how they are so different
  7. Trying out new restaurants or trying a dish for the first time, I wasn’t into it in the past but I’ve grown to really enjoy it
  8. My love – he irritates me most of the time, but I wouldn’t change a thing
  9. Lotion – I’m a lotion collector, it’s weird I know but I just love it
  10. Zumba – I’m new to this form of exercise but it taught that you have get an overflowed amount of  pain in areas you didn’t even know existed but also the amount of fun you have with dance moves



  1. Far too little… 🙁 Makes me sad… But I no I love you WAY more than what I miss you… An I miss you ALOT!

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