Hi, my name is Abieda and I’m a working mom with adorable twin girls and a husband whom I adore. Initially I decided to blog because I wanted a platform where I could be myself and write about whatever I wanted. Now I find that writing gives me a sense of freedom to voice my opinions and give my readers some interesting content. I love reading all the positive feedback and that makes writing on this blog a lot more rewarding.

You will read about things that makes me happy and that concerns me, but I will always try to be positive and give tips where I can. Please do feel free to voice your opinions and give suggestions on the topics that I choose to write on.

So a bit about me:

Live: in the Southern Suburbs in the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa

Love: Food, Sushi and home – made stews are the best; chocolate is my favourite treat even though it somehow triggers headaches, i love sleeping although not much of it is happening these days, dancing and music is what helps release some stress. I’m a make up and skin care junkie and Kiehls is my FAV brand ever.

I love reading beauty, mommy and lifestyle blogs, cannot go a day without watching likewise vlogs. I’m addicted.

I dig my husband, sometimes I find myself not on the same page with him, but most times, it’s awesome, he teases alot, spoils me alot, and you can just see he cares alot. I just love him. My kids are also my everything, and I’m about to give birth to a baby boy, so hopefully my family unit will be complete.

Now if you choose to work with me, this is what I can do for you:

If you are a PR company, individual seller or brand, and wish to be featured on Crazy Mom Journal, please feel free to contact me and provide a brief description about the company or brand and product you wish me to review etc. Please note that all opinions is my own and I will review products and services that I genuinely love and I will happily consider any enquiries if I believe they are appropriate to the tone and style of my blog. I do free posts especially if i really love the product, but I’m open to discuss a fee which is negotiable for reviews, and any content writing.

Media kit and Google Analytics statistics are available upon request.

Thanks for your time.