A dream

I had a happy dream this morning that had me sobbing.

I was walking down a corridor of a school until I stopped at a classroom with a window, I looked inside the classroom and found my nephew Abdud Dayaan, sitting alone and writing in a book, upon investigating as to why he was sitting alone in a classroom, he told me that he was hiding from a boy that was bullying him. He was telling me about some episodes with this boy, and a few of his classmates had started gathering around me and also telling me their stories regarding this bully. All of a sudden I turn to my right and saw my dad smiling and waving and walking towards us, I couldn’t believe it, and immediately started crying, but he was still smiling. He walked into the classroom and handed Abdud Dayaan something, I couldn’t see what it was, I woke up because I was sobbing too much. I don’t know what the dream meant, and it was a very short dream but it affected me, and I keep seeing his smiling face when I close my eyes. I miss him so much.

You really don’t understand the true meaning of missing someone until that person is not on this earth anymore and when it’s your parent/s it’s a million times worse because you really rely on them, for their love and support, their constant encouragement and understanding.

I’m just glad that he was happy and smiling in my dream, I’m hopeful that he is happy and smiling now.

What do you think dreams are for or mean?

  1. I know that feeling i have been looking at my brother lately and cant believe how much he looks just like my dad…..and with so much happening in my life i miss hom dearly two years and its still so fresh….
    i look at my girls and see how much his missing out how much they missing out having him..
    Even me as big as i am a grown woman married for 9 yrs with two kids i miss BEING DADDY”S GIRL
    BUT the memories makes us stronger and their legacy lives on in what we teach our kids

    • I agree, and my girls are still so small, I hope to help and encourage to remember my dad by always talking about him and teach them what he taught me. Thanks to stopping by x

  2. Beautiful! To me the dream is a reminder of how your dad was always there for you, when you were young and when you were older. I think handing something to Abdu Dayyaan, may have been a tool. Like the way he taught you how to get through your life, through different situations, it may be that he equipped you for what is to come and for how you got to where you are today. The smile? That he is in a good place. Insha-allah! Always in my duahs.

    • That sounds so wonderful and I really hope that it is so, you are in the same boat as me my friend so you to say these things means everything. In Sha Allah I really hope it is so…

  3. I hear you, twelve years on and I miss my dad every day. the dreams sometimes just make me miss him more. Hugs!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. I miss my mother so and to see her smiling again would mean the world to me. What a wonderful dream.

  5. Just beautiful ❤️
    dreams fascinate me.

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