16 days of Activism

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Today marks the beginning of the 16 days of activism campaign against abuse towards women and children and I wanted to do a post about it because I feel the pain of so many innocent children getting hurt or killed mostly by a family member or partner of the mother.

There is a video going around on Facebook about a nanny brutally beating a toddler. The dad noticed bruises on the toddler and decided to watch the nanny cam and what he saw was horrific. I personally couldn’t watch it though but read up about it. I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days, weeks even. We entrust our children in the hands of people that is supposed to care and protect our children only to have them hurt them. It’s heart breaking. I have to say though that not all nannies are this way, each case is different and we shouldn’t generalize.

Unfortunately we live in a society where people think it’s ok to hurt innocent women and children to feel power or out of joy in seeing someone hurt. We need to stand up against these people and bring back the death penalty. There are far too many people getting away with this shit.

If you are being abused or know of someone who is being abused please call any of the numbers below, it could save a life

Childline: 0800 055 555
SAPS crime stop: 08600 10111
Gender-based violence helpline: 0800 428 428

May our children and the innocent be protected against hurt and pain, calamities and catastrophes, all bad and evil In Sha Allah

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